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Day Camp Coming Soon!

This summer, we are launching our first ever Marquette Mountaineers Day Camp. Searching for mountaineers in the making, we will be having six week long themed programs with correlated daily activities starting July 12th through August 20th. Choose between survival, adventure sports, food and gardening, arts and crafts, or all four! The options are endless when signing up your 6 to 11 year old. 

Activities in each theme will vary based on age grouping. 


Learn new survival skills out in the wilderness on Marquette Mountain. Discover edible plants around the property, knot tying, basic first aid, water testing, map reading, campfire cooking and beyond. 

Adventure Sports

Jump into endless activities and test your physical abilities! Enter into a week long adventure of slacklining, bouldering, archery, Olympic games, volleyball, frisbee and more.

Food & Gardening

Become an expert in outdoor cooking and gardening basics all around the mountain. Learn cooking skills, make your own bread and butter, seed sprouts, composting techniques, nature journaling, collect and identify macroinvertebrates, amongst other activities. 

Arts & Crafts

The possibilities are endless with inspiration and free thinking! Explore the mountain and make your mark. Create natural picture frames, garden stepping stones, go on scavenger hunts, tie dye, make floating boats, nature sculptures and more.