Winter is Here!

Enjoy some great food, a local brew, our famous Bloody Mary,
or our new Mountain Margaritas!

Starting January 13:

Monday| 10am-5pm
Tuesday-Friday| 10am-9pm
Saturday| 9am-9pm
Sunday| 9am-5pm

Please call (906) 225-1111 for inquiries.

Iron Moose Grill

The Iron Moose Grill is located in our Chalet and provides tasty menu options when you want to get back out on the slopes fast. Choose from grab and go or a special made to order menu.

Starting January 13:

Monday| 10am-4pm
Tuesday-Friday| 10am-8pm
Saturday| 9am-8pm
Sunday| 9am-4pm

Credit or debit only. Gift cards or season passes can be loaded
for purchases in the Iron Moose Grill.